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March 16th, 2009 by Pam Parish

As a large church body in the greater metro Atlanta area, we find ourselves heartbroken and challenged by many of the situations facing those in our congregation and community. So many times, we are approached by people simply needing to be pointed in the right direction; given a little encouragement in their journeys.  It is from these experiences that Church is a Verb was born.

We believe that we’re not simply called to be a gathering place on the weekend, but also an action-oriented example of the living, breathing body of Christ-followers. It is with this understanding that we hope to provide our community with valuable tools and resources to assist in navigating through our current economic situation or any storm of life they may be facing.

Within these pages, you’ll find resources, links and contact information that we have gathered to help speed up your journey to finding the help you need.

For prayer requests and testimonies, please visit our main church site at

May God’s Kindness & Favor Be Yours,
The Victory World Church Family


Quick Resource Links

Please use the links below to help you navigate to some of the most used resources. In addition to these links there are many great resources that can be found through the links on the right of the page.


Resources for parents who need help locating children’s services.


Resources for those seeking employment enhancment.


Resources for those seeking general assistance.


Great teaching resources from Victory on how to manage in tough times, manage your finances, trust God and much more.


Shelters & resource information for those effected by battery & domestic violence.

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